Welcome to Sweet P’s @ The Tavern

Welcome to Trion, Georgia and to the historic Riegedale Tavern.  Trion is a cotton mill town and very proud of it! The Trion Factory, now known as Mount Vernon Mills, was established in 1845 and is Northwest Georgia’s oldest industry. Its history is unique. In 1864, Union General W.T. Sherman placed guards to protect the mill, even though it had been producing Confederate material. Today our mill is one of the largest producers of denim in the world.

Prior owners of the mill have been Mr. A.P. Allgood; Mr. Benjamin D. Riegel, and Mr. R.B. Pamplin. Each of these gentlemen has shaped the history of our town. In 1912, Mr. Benjamin D. Riegel of New York bought the majority of the stock in the Trion Factory. He reorganized the company and became its president. With the future of the Riegel Textile Corporation secure, Mr. Riegel turned to other interests. In 1934, Mr. Riegel built one of the most impressive dairies in the South, producing the highest quality products of its time.

Sweet P’s Catering has been delivering results since we opened. Our goal is to provide the very best food and service for our customers.


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